Now they've done it.

Finally pestered enough people so I could get one of these SAMMY dealios. Check the Calendar for all of the info on how to be at the 2009 Hall of Fame Induction. Sam and I will be there and wearing our barbeque bibs. See you out there!

Colton & Barrigar with Relative Harmony - Concert Review

It was better than we could've planned it. The theater was packed; sold out before hand and peopel still calling us and wanting tickets. Nothing sparks a performer more than a full house wating for the show. Loren Barrigar was the best. He was a perfect introduction to the show. Many of our fans hadn't heard him before and were awed by his creative and adept fingerstyle guitar playing. Oh! And he told jokes. Really cornball ones. But somehow he can pull it off and it just makes people like him all the more. Then Sam came out and accompanied Loren for a couple of tunes on bass. That ramped it up another notch with the two of them trading riffs. Then, Marleah, Sharon and I came out to sing Leaving On A Jet Plane. Each of...

Relative Harmony Concert April 2009


We're rehearsing and things are going great! We've got way too many songs for this one gig, but we're trying to fit in as many as we can. We've got a song that Loren will sing and Marleah, Sharon and I will do our harmony thing to it. And Loren is enthusiastically adding great guitar leads and tasty embellishments to our humble folk/country tunes. This is gonna be fun!

Sunday April 19 4:00 PM

Jazz Central Theater

441 E Washington St, Syracuse, NY

Tickets: $10 / $12 Door


Sneak Preview Gig

So we did a trial run at the Creekside last Saturday night. The Barrigar Brothers were kind enough to let us sit in with them and do about 30 minutes of songs we's been working on for our Jazzz Central show. It really went great! Sharon and Marleah and I all did our hramony thing and people really seemed to like it. It struck me as we started singing the first song, Helplessy Hoping, that we were the exact opposite configuration of CSN; three women singing this song. It was great fun backing up Loren with harmony on a song he sang lead on, Silver Wings, and having him play some great leads in the songs we sang. We've got more than half of the tickets sold, so I hope everyone that wants to see the show has tickets already. We sold a...

Komen Race

We had a great time at the race. I can't tell you ow moving it was when they called all of the Survivors on stage and there was a sea of pink shirts. They all sang and swayed and were glad to be alive. We were trying hard not to cry. I was wiping my eyes. The man standing next to me leaned over and said," We went to the National Event in Washington, DC last year. I don't know if you've ever seen the mall"? I nodded that I had. He said, "There were pink shirts of Survivors lined up five deep on either side of the water. It was something." Well that didn't help the lump in my throat. My friends Jane and Diane were tough to keep up with during the walk, but I made it. We...

Donna & Sam on YouTube

If you haven't seen it yet, please take a minute to go to YouTube; type in Donna Colton in the search bar and it'll take you to our videos! We've got just a couple of things up so far, but will have more...


This is Sam's birthday month! May 15 is the day and we'll be celebrating somehow! We've got a lot of private gigs going on this month so you might not hear from me via e-mail for a bit. Also, I'm doing the Walk for the Cure on May 17 with a couple of friends. Give some money to the cause if you can. You can go to the and typr in Donna Colton in the search bar. It'll take you to my page and explain what to do to donate. See you soon!

Where the hell...

We've been doing all kinds of stuff these last couple of months, just nothing that we've been able to have an audience for! We did some radio interviews and got great response. We traveled to NJ and played at the Minstrel Coffeehouse. We've got video of that on our new YouTube site. Go there and check it out. We did our taxes :-( we're getting some $$ back :-) !! I just did some back up vocals on Kim Simmonds solo CD project. Sam's been on vacation this week, so we're taking it easy. We're ready for warm. See you out there. Donna

Close Encounter with Larry Gatlin

Yep. It was that guy. Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers fame. All The Gold In California. Grammy winner, great voice and really nice guy. Andy Cooney, another great singer, is recording an album with different artists and in different countries. When he gets done the Irish Symphony Orchestra will be on it and Ronan Tynan of the Irish Tenors, too. But I digress. Larry Gatlin is singing on Andy Cooney's record, a song that he wrote as well as some other familiar tunes. He was in town and Subcat Studio's got to watch him work. He whirled in wearing a Southwestern style long overcoat, black and red with zig-zag design, bright red cowboy boots and dressed in jeans, shirt and a jean jacket with a bluetooth earpiece blinking in his ear. He announced that he'd done a dumb...

We're #1!!

DC and The Troublemakers not only made Mark Bialczak's Top 10 List for 2007, we got the #1 spot. We could not believe it. Especially in the company of Joe Whiting and Mark Doyle, who put out a great CD (their first together in 20 years) and Los Blancos, one of the favorite roots rock bands in CNY. It was so gratifying to be recognized for all of our hard work, sweat, tears and all of that. It truly can be agonizing sometimes to figure out how to make a good record. It feels like it was worth the wait and our effort. We kept telling fans that asked when the cd would be done, "Well, we think this spring" then "Maybe by the fall." Then "We're getting close! " Thanks to everyone who stuck with us and bought...

Singing For Sponge Bob Square Pants

So we had that lunchtime gig at Empire Brewing in Armory Square just before Christmas. We were playing our tunes and some Christmas tunes and, you know, it was Sam and I doing our stuff. At some point and I'm not exactly sure when, but I noticed that this guy was sitting in front of us with two little girls ordering food and talking to them, keeping them entertained. He looks like Tom Kenny (Spongebob) but it's been a long time since I've seen him. But the more I look the more I think, yeah, that's him. It's him, right? Yeah, it's him. Well just be normal and don't get all spongebob ga ga on me, okay. this is the dialogue that's going on in my head. You don't want to disturb famous people when they might be trying to just...

Come to the Spectacular at Syracuse Center4Arts

Sam and I are doing Jim Reith's Christmas Spectacular at Syracuse Center4Arts. All of the proceeds go to benefit McMahon/Ryan House to help sexually abused kids; a very worthy cause. Anyway, it's a great line up of local talent and we're all volunteering, so takes some time to come out hear what truly wonderful musicians we have in this town.

Creekside Concert

We were so glad to have the wonderful audience we had at Creekside Bookstore when we played. We know there were alot of company Christmas parties happening that night, so we weren't sure how many would be able to make it out; but you did! And we sold many Christmas CD's for new fans and gifts. We love playing at the coffeehouse because it's a warm and cozy listening room and we get to do all of our own music and tell all of the stories about inspiration and other antics that happened while we were recording. Once again, your attendance warmed our cockles...

Big Mike's Christmastime in Syracuse Vol. 13 !!!

On Sale now at area P&C Food stores! $8.00 each and proceeds benefits Casey's Place, 228 Lafayette Rd, Syracuse. 10 Tracks of your favorite local artists including Joe Whiting, Frenay & Lenin, Dave Hanlon, Loren Barrigar and more. Donna Colton & the Cazenovia High School Choir croon the classic "I'll Be Home For Christmas". Listen for suts from the CD on Big Mike's show on Sunny 102 FM.

Last night at Morris

We had a great gig! Thanks to everyone that came out to see us. We always have a woderful time at Morris. All was good until Burt made me rub his bare butt.

Pink Packages Event!!

Next year, we'll get more of you to come out to this event! This was hosted by Jennifer Tom of Positively Pink Packages and abreast cancer survivor herself! She and partner Heather work year round to put packages of things that people gettting treatment will need. They give these bags of goodies to Dr's offices to hand out to patients and the stuff in them includes things like books on what treament entails, pillows for putting under your seatbelt for comfort, head scarves etc. This was such an elegant event! All of the desserts were fab, champagne tickled your nose. And they had 4 tables of great silent auction items!!! Furniture, a Stickley clock, wine tours, sports memorabilia, jewlery, vacations to the caribbean, and even a bid to own part of a race horse!! Next year, you guys have to come!!

Audrey Iwanicki's Sculpture - Pump Man Dedication!

I've been meaning to write about this sooner, but now I have a bit of time. We had such a great time being a part of this event! Our friend, Audrey, invited us to come to the dedication in a beautiful site on the Ludivico Sculpture Trail. You walk about a half mile on a path through the woods right on the canal and view some of the other works. Audrey's is at the end of the trail and they had a band playing and about 150 people there for the event. Many of the people that worked at Gould Pumps came to see the work. I got to sing Amazing Grace for the ceremony and Audrey managed to hold it together. She was on the verge of tears when she spoke, thanking all of the people that helped her accomplish this work...

Donna Colton and Sam in Acoustic Guitar Magazine!!!

i just got the November issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine and we're in it! This is a national publication with 150,000 subscribers, so we're excited about it. And they used a photo of me (that Sam took! Add Photographer to his resume) at the start of the article. You can go to to see the on-line version. I've also got AG in my links, so you can get to the site there, too. The article is about what PA gear real musicians use and Sam and I answered a bunch of interview questions from the writer, Andy Ellis via e-mail. Go, read, see what we said. I'll tell you more about it later. Donna

Mike's Birthday Party was great!

We had two private gigs last weekend and one of them was my high school classmate, Cheryl; it was her husband, Mike's Surprise Birthday Party! What a great time we had!! Donna Colton and the Troublemakers played, everyone danced and drank and clapped and much merriment was had by all. And, Mike never suspected a thing. Total surprise. See you Soon, Donna

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